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J and V auto parts was started in 1981 by Joe Lasorsa its present day owner. Joe came to the United States in 1970 a inspiring mechanic looking to make a better life. Joe became a great mechanic and owned several repair shops but in 1981 he began to get an interest in the used auto parts business . Later that year J and V was started. Over the years J and V has grown in a competitive facility dealing in extreme quality. Joe had three sons over this time Carlo, Vincenzo and Anthony. Today both Carlo and Vincenzo have joined there father in running there family business and had the honor to see the youngest brother Anthony become a doctor. In March 2009 they opened a second facility Central auto liquidators which at 63 acres is a great facility and is operated by Vincenzo. Joining Carlo at J and V is Mike Rainone a great family friend.  Today Joe along with his boys are running there proud family business and once again are seeing growth based on the principles Joe has set which is quality, professionalism, and service. We look forward to doing business with you.

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